22 Dec 2015

Working With Wall Tiles in Light Textures

Working With Wall Tiles in Light Textures Wall tiles can help to transform an otherwise boring or unimpressive room. In kitchens, you can use an interesting mix of colours, patterns, and textures that can translate into the perfect style for your home. Using neutral wall tiles, light textures, and larger sized pieces can create a modern look on the walls. For inspiration in Dublin, tale a walk through our local showrooms to see the latest designs.

Keep in mind how natural sunlight in the kitchen can change the look of the room with different intensities throughout the day. Morning light appears differently than evening light, and the variations in lights and shadows can affect the colour perception.

How we perceive a colour depends on how the light is reflecting off the colour. Understanding the light patterns in your kitchen, and knowing what colours will look like in the kitchen under different lighting, is important. Choosing your colours blindly can cause disappointment or become costly fixes, so it’s best to try samples on your walls and observe the colour throughout the day and night.

Warm, earthy tones help create a comfortable environment, and they are aesthetically pleasing in traditional rooms, while cool tones tend to compliment modern settings. For more dramatic wall tiles, try pairing cool tones with warm neutrals, like a grey and an orange. Mixing the palette in the room can help to create the kitchen of your dreams. You can also opt for a more simple solution. Plain white wall tiles, which can compliment any design, have the added benefit of bouncing light off the walls and make a small room seem even larger.