30 Jun 2014

“Wood” tiles instead of wood floors

“Wood” tiles instead of wood floors Wood floors are generally accepted as a great option for almost any home, any interior in any kind of building. They are timeless, elegant, classic, always in season, they last, they are easy to maintain, are suitable to every decor and only a few alternative can lay claim to all these benefits. You cannot go wrong when choosing wood floors because they go with any wall colour, furniture or windows. There is, however, an important factor to consider when choosing wood floors that cannot always be overlooked: their price. Wood is expensive and everything made out of it is expensive as well. The good news is that there are options you can look at that can achieve a similar look, and “wood” tiles are the runners-up when it comes to creating a natural feel indoors. And, if you come to think of it, porcelain wood-like tiles are actually better than solid wood flooring. They are easier to clean and cheaper to maintain. They are winners in any category, especially price, but also in the ‘look and feel’, function and lifestyle categories. Wood tiles come in so many shapes and colours that can imitate any type of wood incredibly accurately. They even have texture grain surfaces and distress, so that the tiles don’t look fake. The colour range can vary from dark brown to distressed grey that gives a feeling of aged weathered floors. As opposed to wooden floors, “wooden” tiles don’t scratch, fade, dent or need to be refinished. Just like the real thing they have a long life span and they’re perfect even for humid places like basements, laundry areas or bathrooms, being water resistant. Also, they are more fitting than solid wood for radiant heated floors. And we want to stress again the best quality of these tiles: their price. And now, just to show you how brilliant “wood” tiles look, here are a few examples: “Wood” tiles in your bathroom: contemporary-bathroom In your kitchen contemporary-kitchen In your bedroom contemporary-bedroom In your living room contemporary-living On your porch 5-8-Soft-Wood-Tiles-23 House of Tiles has a wide variety of wood looking tiles, come visit our showrooms and take your pick. photo via