4 May 2015

Wood insertions between tiles

Wood insertions between tiles A very sophisticated and luxuriously looking floor can be created by combining tiles and wooden planks. The softness of the wood contrasts with the hardness of tiles, but together they can create a really good look, suitable for a kitchen, a hallway, or an office. You can have them in contrasting colours, for a greater impact like in this kitchen where wood and travertine are beautifully woven together. If you’re concerned that this kind of floor is harder to clean, you can either clean them separately, or wash them together with a damp cloth and mild detergent. wood-tile-mix-kitchen Speaking of the hallway, we think the combination of these dark materials is most exquisite!! Also the fact that their shine is so contrasting make it really intriguing looking. wood-tile-mix-hallway Of course the layout can be just as varied as the multitude of combinations between tiles and woods. Here is another one: wood-tile-mix-hallway2 Also, let’s not forget about the transition between two types of floors. A very ingenious display of wood and tiles, with curves and spectacular joinings. wood-tile-mix-hallway3 Of course, you can obtain this look much cheaper, but with the same visual impact. You can combine wood-like tiles and other type of tiles (natural stones, mosaic, porcelain, marble etc).