18 Nov 2015

Wood Flooring Ideas For Your Home

Wood Flooring Ideas For Your Home When many people think of what they desire most for their floors, hardwood oftentimes times to mind. Traditional styles like mahogany and oak are popular among many homeowners. Solid wood flooring is made of real wood, directly milled from a variety of trees.

Hardwood is most often a sound investment that will add value to your home, and it can be easily fitted into the overall design of the home. With numerous styles and colours to choose from, and different kinds of materials available, there are many wood flooring ideas you can use in your home.

Timber is a natural material and will expand and contract with any changes in humidity, and it can be difficult to maintain. Though there is a timeless elegance to natural wood floors that is difficult to replace, there are also other options that can fit the style of the room. While Laminate flooring may not have the same authenticity as real wood floors, they are also capable of withstanding much more wear and tear, and with the latest developments in imaging, endless textures and colours can be used to match your exact needs.

One of the most popular wood flooring ideas and styles on the market today is Hickory wood. From a pale and rustic country natural to ashen and brown tones, there are many variations that can compliment your room. If you take the more durable Laminate route, you can recreate the same smooth Hickory texture, or opt for a stylish wide plank Oak or Walnut flooring. For a variety of wood flooring ideas, check out your local showrooms in Dublin and the surrounding areas, to get an idea for how the available styles will look in your space.