9 Mar 2017

What is the latest in wood flooring in Ireland

What is the latest in wood flooring in Ireland

Over the past decade, wood flooring has increased in popularity. Recognised for centuries by the rich and famous as the preferred option for flooring, the wooden floor is typically seen in castles and stately homes. Today, there are a wide variety of wooden floor options, so whether you want to create a formal, modern, shabby, or traditional look there is always a suitable option available.

Here are some of the latest wooden floor trends in Ireland.

Dark Stained Wood Flooring

Dark stained wooden flooring can be incredibly sophisticated and chic, bringing polish and richness to a space. Light wood furniture and white walls will bring out a really harmonious look when paired with a dark stained wooden floor. White rugs and maple or cherry light wood tones also provide a great contrast.

Blonde Wood Floors

Blonde wood floors are for a more traditional living space. It will balance out any dark colours and make a room look much more spacious than it actually is. From pale oak, to ash and maple shades blonde wood floors are available in a variety of tones.

Grey Wood Floors

Grey has become the most popular neutral colour in interior design circles. It is a very versatile choice and has the ability to enhance the majority of styles from minimalist to industrial interiors and Scandinavian schemes.

Matte Wood Floors

As consumers crave a truly natural and clean feel to their homes, the matte finish is increasing in popularity. It provides the illusion of raw wood which is what makes the matte finish particularly appealing. There is just something about being in a natural environment that makes us feel more at home.