24 Jun 2016

The Best Wood Floors in Dublin

The Best Wood Floors in Dublin Wood floors are a beautiful, warm, cozy, and durable flooring option. We offer wood flooring from the best suppliers in Europe, including Balterio and Kronotex. Our suppliers use eco friendly production methods to produce the highest quality laminate and engineered boards that meet the strictest environmental standards. Here are some of our most popular options.

Harbor Dock Gray

Our harbor dock gray flooring has a unique look. This wide plank flooring is easy to install with its textured groove clic system. The planks look like a weathered oak harbor that has been taken good care of. It is beautiful and will match any decor. It is also different than what most people are used to seeing, giving you a conversation piece for your home.

Rift Oak

Our Rift Oak flooring is designed much the same way, but it has a more traditional oak color. It has a rustic feel that looks great in country or cottage type homes.

Rip Oak Nature

Our Rip Oak Nature flooring has a classic look and pale honey color. It is installed using a textured bevel clic system. This floor would look great in any type of home.

Prestige Oak Gray

This oak laminate flooring has a dark gray color. It looks great in more modern homes. It adds a modern twist to a classic look. It is installed using a textured bevel clic system.

Harbour Oak

This is a darker oak laminate. It has a beautiful look because it has contrasting colors, from light tan to dark brown. It would go great with any decor, rustic or modern. It features a textured v clic system.