13 Oct 2016

Kronotex Makes Great Wood Floors

Kronotex Makes Great Wood Floors

Kronotex makes great wood floors. They are beautiful, durable, and sustainable. We have an incredible selection, and an excellent reputation that holds to the highest standards of German engineering.

Superior Selection

We have eight collections that include more than 300 designs. You can choose from the look of traditional wood, realistic stone, unicolor, or creative patterns. You can also choose between matte or high gloss finishes. Whatever your decor and style, we have something for everyone.

International Standard

These Kronotex floors are sold in over 80 countries, because of our superior manufacturing and reliability. They are at the forefront of German engineering and technology. These floors are also made from sustainably harvested wood, without the harmful chemicals used by some competitors.

Floating Advantage

The floor is designed to be floating. This means that you don’t have any harmful adhesive residues to dispose of, and you don’t have adhesive chemicals under your floor.


These floors contain no phthalates or diethylhexyl phthalate, which can cause health issues and endocrine disruptions. This makes them safe for use in any room of your home, including children’s rooms.


This flooring is made from sustainably farmed wood. Kronotek also heat their plants by using scraps from flooring manufacturing. This helps improve the sustainability of the entire manufacturing process.

Durability and Comfort

Kronotex floors are designed to be comfortable to walk on. They are easy to clean, and they resist abrasion and scratches. They are flame resistant, non staining, and light fast. Kronotex floors come with a 30 year guarantee