29 Sep 2015

Installing Laminated Floors

Installing Laminated Floors
Laminate flooring is compressed fibreboard with a stylish texture and protective overlay. Many include waterproof cores that make them suitable for kitchens and even bathrooms. Living areas, studies, and halls are the most popular places laminate is used. A cheaper option to real wood flooring, installing a laminated floor can save you money and time with its cost-effective and simple to install design.

The convenient click lock system makes most installation a breeze. Laminate is also extremely impact resistant, making it great for high traffic areas in your home. Be wary of cheap laminate with a chipboard core, as it expands and contracts and can easily become swollen by moisture. A fibreboard base with the added protection against moisture is a more suitable option for rooms that are exposed to humidity.

There are many styles of laminated floors that you can use, from the various wood-inspired designs to the surface finish and colour.

You can choose a rich walnut colour for a warm and earthy compliment to your living area, or you can choose a honey beige oak to create a more traditional and comfortable look. You can also bring some samples of different styles into your home so you can see the tone under the lighting in your room. The floor of a larger room requires some thought, as the expansive floor space commands attention, and making the right colour choice is especially important for cohesive design.

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