3 Jul 2014

White or colourful bathroom suites?

White or colourful bathroom suites?

Some people might consider them old fashioned and rather dated, others vintage and others original. We are talking about colourful bathroom suites, which today have been almost totally replaced by the use of white or neutral colours.

But many homeowners prefer a little splash of colour in their bathroom and we’re here to support them. Colour is fun, colour is happiness and bringing it into your home will mean more than just remodelling your interiors. High-end designers know this and any catalogue will feature at least a dozen bathroom designs with colourful suites. The bathroom is that place where we can go to relax and enjoy a nice peaceful bath. Why not immerse in a red or yellow bathtub, instead of a cold white one? Or how about washing your hands in a purple sink? And don’t think about those old fashioned bathroom suites that were very popular in the 70s. Present day sinks, toilets and bathtubs come in amazing designs, cooler shapes and smarter finishes. And if you do have an old fashioned coloured bathroom suite, and you want to keep it, you can always bring a modern feel to it by replacing the taps and shower, the cabinets, shelves, toilet seat, towel rails, basically anything that can be replaced. A few extra decor items will make it look vintage and original. Also, if you already have a coloured bathroom suite, you can use white to make it stand out. Are your bathroom items yellow, blue, green or orange? Coat your walls and floor with white tiles and white decor elements and it can look really well. We do love colours, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like white as well. Nothing can suggest cleanliness and give the luminosity like a white bathroom. However, white bathrooms are cold, white tiles and white bathroom suites are too boring. Bring a little colour inside. Here are a few examples to give you an idea of what we are talking about:





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