16 Mar 2015

What’s in you tiler bag?

Every DIYer should know exactly what tools they will need before starting a new project. So if you are planning  to do some DIY tiling, maybe you need to read this article and check your toolbox to make sure you have all the right equipment. First, you should know that tiling is not that hard, especially if you choose a simple pattern. Second, you should also know that your tools are very important. It’s important that they are not substandard or cheap, because they can ruin your tiles and you will most likely have to invest a lot more effort  in the tiling job than you actually signed up for. So, before going shopping, be prepared for an investment, because they are a long term investment. Here is what you need: Tile cutter - you can’t work without it. You can choose a manual or an electrical one, but pay attention and ensure it is long enough to work with your tiles. If you buy a 400mm one, you can’t cut a 500mm tile with it. Tile remover - you need it if there is tile that must be removed. Buy a reinforced steel one. Read this article to find out how to remove tiles faster. Adhesive trowel - this tool helps you spread the adhesive evenly on the tile backs. It has an even edge and a notched one. The notched one is used to make grooves on the adhesive, so that air can escape when the tile is pressed on the wall or on the floor. Tile spacers – these will position your tiles evenly and create perfectly equal grout lines. Rubber mallet - this tool will help you fix the tiles by hitting gently on their top surface to let the air escape. Spreader –this is used to apply the grout and like the adhesive trowel, it has a notched edge. Grout sponge - with this item you’ll be able to finish off the grouting, clean it, without making grooves in the grout. Of course you’ll need protection: dust mask, goggles and knee pads. Now you know what you need. Don’t forget to buy good quality tiling tools.