25 Oct 2017

What’s Involved in a Bathroom Renovation?

What’s Involved in a Bathroom Renovation? At House of Tiles, we can help with your bathroom renovation whether you know exactly what you want or have no idea where to start. In recent times, the word ‘renovation’ seems to have replaced all descriptions of what the job actually entails so what’s involved?

Generally speaking, a bathroom renovation can be as light or extensive as you desire. For example, it could be a change in decoration while
leaving the bath, shower, and toilet as they are. On the other hand, it could mean a complete overhaul of every single item held in the

With our Bathroom Renovation Package, this includes the whole process and it starts with measuring and design. During this phase, you can
sit down with us and discuss exactly what you need and would like to see. With our experts, you’ll quickly get an idea of what will and
won’t work.

From here, the materials will be delivered to your door along with a combination of decorators, tradesmen, and other professionals to
ensure you get the end result you desire. In total, depending on what the project entails, we like to complete a renovation in between three
to five working days.

In terms of materials, this includes wall tiles, floor tiles, all the required grout, shower door, toilet, pedestal, basin, all the required
adhesive, border, mixer, and a mirror and accessory set. If you get in contact with us today, we can talk you through exactly how we can help
and what our service includes.

As long as you choose a service like ourselves, you should remain in control of the bathroom renovation. Since you’ll be the one living with results, you should have your say at each step of the process. Of course, we’ll add our professional opinion but you should always be confident in making decisions so you can enjoy your bathroom for years to come!