23 Dec 2014

Wallpaper? Nah, tiles!

Wallpaper? Nah, tiles! The truth is that both tiles and wallpapers are so versatile today that any home can be decorated in any style you wish. Wallpaper, however, isn’t always suitable in all kinds of rooms, as beautiful as they are. For example, covering your bathroom walls in wallpaper might not be such a great idea, especially because it’s such a humid environment, and paper and water don’t mix well together. But if you like the elegance and the sophistication a wallpaper can give to a room, take a look at these images, and guess what? It’s not wallpaper, they are in fact tiles. tiles-wallpaper-001 wallpaper-tiles-001 If you look closely, you’ll see the grout joints, so they are tiles imitating wallpaper, easy to clean and resistant to humidity. They are also practical in other rooms to create an unusual wall. Wallpaper reminds us of an era when interiors were decorated glamorously and when every detail was carefully selected and integrated into each room. Maybe today we are not that thorough, and don’t personalise the wallpaper or tiles in such detail, but nonetheless, the beauty of a wallpaper, or of tiles imitating wallpapers, will remind you of the sophistication of those times.