21 Dec 2021

Wall Tiles Light Textures

Wall Tiles Light Textures

Well chosen wall tiles can add real character to a room and with textured wall tiles, you can add a dash of variety and textured light to your walls. The right textured surface can add a good deal of extra depth to the room they are installed in.


Wall tiles come in all shapes and sizes and a wide range of textures that can wonderfully complement existing surfaces in the home. Should you have polished chrome or white gloss present already, a contrasting rough texture of tile can work to accentuate and really bring out the rich qualities of each.

House of Tiles Ireland

Pop into a House of Tiles tile shop around Dublin and you can sample for yourself the wide array of matt and gloss finished wall tiles in person. Our friendly experts know exactly which textures work well together and can guide you in the right direction. Whether it’s a full kitchen install you’re after or new tiles to breathe life into a tired bathroom, we’ll have something for you, whatever your requirements.

Retaining Light

Whilst wall tiles with a traditional rustic or ‘earthy’ effect are great at highlighting contrast when combined with high gloss finish. High gloss porcelain tiles are able to reflect sunlight back into your room, giving it a fresher, brighter feel.

Whatever look you’re going for in kitchen or bathroom tiles, our comprehensive range of floor and wall tiles will meet every taste and we’re so confident of that, that we challenge you to NOT find a tile to suit your needs. A challenge that can be attempted by visiting one our five Dublin showrooms.

For more information on showroom locations and to view our full online catalogue, visit our website or call us on 01 426 4881.

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