28 Jul 2014

Two types of floor, how to make the transition?

Two types of floor, how to make the transition?

Few people choose to have the same floor covering across their entire house, while most prefer to cover their floors with different types of materials. In some rooms wooden floors are the best option, in others, tiles are recommended. But these are not the only two alternatives, and for a really nice result, here are some examples of how to make the transition from one type of floor to another in a more interesting way and which adds a wow factor, while you’re at it. People in open space homes are often confronted with this issue when they are selecting their flooring. It’s hard to decide where to stop when changing materials or where the next one should start. The most important thing is to choose the two (or more) materials so that they match the general appearance of your home. With such a huge variety of shapes, patterns and colours, the combinations are unlimited. You could decide to mix tiles and wooden floors with the same colour and the result is very nice indeed. Especially if they match the entrance door or the furniture in the room. Like in the image below:


What about defying straight lines and go for curves? This gorgeous tile floor matches the door perfectly and the overall look is more than interesting.


Kitchens are the rooms where tiles are the best option. See below, this is a good example if you don’t want the same type of kitchen tiles all over your open space, here are some ideas on what you can match: Wooden floors and natural stone.


Same color carpet and natural stone - elegant


Asymmetrical transitioning between tiles and wooden floors.


With a little creativity and imagination, you can use two materials and have an original flooring even when it’s not really necessary to use transitioning.