29 Jan 2018

Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles from House of Tiles

Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles from House of Tiles If you think that wood effect floor tiles are only available in synthetic wood substitutes, you’d be wrong! At House of Tiles Ireland, we have something in store that has the durability of ceramic tiles and the style of laminate wood flooring. What is it?...Well, one example of it is the delectable Fauberg Chene Italian porcelain tiles range.

There are a number of advantages to installing this type of flooring in your home and they’re not all to do with how great they look!

Porcelain Tiles are extremely hard-wearing, meaning that they take much more of an impact before showing signs of damage and will typically look as good 10 years after installation as they do when they’re new. Scratches, scuffs and general wear and tear are not something you have to worry about with wood effect porcelain.

Easy to Maintain
Taking care of your porcelain flooring is as easy as 1-2-3, as the surface is non-porous and repels stains like no other texture. Maintenance usually involves just a wipe over with a mild detergent, as you shouldn’t need anything more harsh. It also deals with high traffic zones very easily, as it is as tough as can be!

Limitless Style
Not only are porcelain tiles available in the wood-effect described above, but also in a whole host of granite, stone and...well, any finish that takes your fancy really. If you opt for porcelain kitchen tiles of any kind, the world is your oyster.

For a closer look at Fauberg Chene Italian porcelain range of tiles in person, available at just
€ 41.76 per square metre, visit one of our many tile shops situated around Dublin. Our shops are open 6 or 7 days per week (depending on location) and you’ll find out exactly how to get there at our website

Alternatively, if you’re after some advice about enhancing the look of your home for 2018, give us a call any time on 01 426 4881. One of our expert team are ready and waiting to answer any questions you might have or even perhaps provide a dash of inspiration.