19 Oct 2015

Using Wall Tiles For a Bold Design

Using Wall Tiles For a Bold Design
Sometimes we want to make a bold statement in our home, by making a design choice that catches the eye with its extravagant style. Wall tiles can help you make that kind of bold choice. With many different styles of tile available, you can find the perfect design expression for your home.

You can make a big difference in any room with your wall tile choices. In the kitchen, incorporating a decorative and bold backsplash can make your room even more visually exciting. Think about choosing a mosaic of glass or stone faced wall tiles, or using the tile all the way up to the bottom of your cabinets. Add some personality and creativity to your bathroom or kitchen walls with a unique backsplash choice or larger wall tiles for an inexpensive way to cover a large amount of blank space for a beautiful new style.

There are many different kinds of wall tiles to choose from, creating a seemingly endless array of design options. From glass, to stone, to ceramic, there are many ways to use colour and texture on your walls to create a bold design statement. Using tile around your sink areas and anywhere that may have splashes or spills can help to protect your walls as well.

Ceramic stone tiles are also a great way to mimic stone texture without spending as much, helping to create the style you want without breaking the bank.

If you are looking for the best way to spice up your kitchen or bathroom, try using stylish wall tiles to decorate your space. In Ireland, at House of Tiles, we have several showrooms throughout Dublin and one in Bray, and a wide range of tiling options, so you can find the perfect style of wall tiles for your home!