22 Jan 2016

Using Tiles in Sanitary Works

Using Tiles in Sanitary Works Your bathroom might be overlooked in your home. Though it does not have to be, bit more often than not, in Ireland in general, bathrooms can be a simple and small space that people feel underwhelmed by. One of the easiest and best ways to redo your bathroom and create some visual interest is by using a new tile on the floor and walls.

Using tiles in sanitary works helps keep the room fresh and clean. If you need a way to reinvigorate your bathroom, try shopping for some of the latest trends. Tile can be the perfect way to customise your bathroom, and it can bring it back to life with an easy to clean, durable, and beautiful design.

Simple can sometimes be best. Try using a basic black and white pattern on the floor. White subway tiles are a popular style for bathroom walls, and they work to make any space look spotless and classic. If you prefer a more creative expression, try a splash of colour by integrating several coloured or patterned pieces intermixed with plain white ones. Adding an element of colour or pattern can place your own personal stamp on the room. You can also add lots of colour and pattern to the walls or floors with a mosaic of different tiles together.

Be aware, though, that a busy wall can also work to make the space look smaller. Small spaces might benefit from lighter tones to help keep the room feeling open. When you are ready to take the next step, check out our local showrooms in Dublin or talk to us about our great ‘ all-in’ bathroom renovation deals .