28 Nov 2017

Top Selling Tiles For the Coming Year - From House of Tiles

Top Selling Tiles For the Coming Year - From House of Tiles There are lots of goodies in store for 2018 at House of Tiles, from Matte Black to Faux Wood and everything in between, we take a sneak peek at what’s going to be hot coming into the New Year!

Faux Wood Tiles are a bit of mainstay, at least it has been for a number years in the tile industry. As there are countless different ways to interpret this particular design, manufacturers have found new and inventive ways to rethink the concept. There are faux hardwoods, exotic woods and softwood effects, all of which are able to create a warm and inviting feel to any home with an attention to real wood’s authentic imperfections.

Innovative and Interesting Textures are to be ‘all the rage’ in the coming months, as manufacturers are really pushing the envelope in what a wall and floor tile should be. Designs include some real eye-openers like lace, tartan and tweed - textures you’d not usually expect on a hard tile surface. Then there’s the choice of woven, knotted or layered finishes that offer a real 3D effect.

Fractured Mosaics offer the ever popular mediterranean aesthetic, characterised by fragmented pieces placed together in a skillful and eye-catching style. It’s the attractive and popular style that has manufacturers and consumers coming back year after year.

Gritty Chic is also one to watch this year, as manufacturers continue to experiment with the urban feel of plaster, concrete and metal. The designs offered in this concept can vary greatly, with some giving a sophisticated feel, whereas others are created with a weathered, industrial look.

Whatever you’re on the lookout for in the coming year, you’ll likely find something in our huge range of beautiful wall and floor tiles. If you’d like a look for yourself, up close and personal, you could visit one of our showrooms dotted around Dublin or alternatively, you could call us on 01 426 4881 if you’d like a chat with one of our experts.

Failing that, pop over to our website where you’ll find our many of our range available to browse at your leisure online.

Whichever route you choose, we wish you Happy Shopping!