9 Jan 2017

Tiles From Around the World

Tiles From Around the World

In today’s world, providing a selection of popular tile styles from around the world is needed to meet the vast range of tastes and styles expected by today’s discerning customer. Here are some of the most popular tiles from around the world.


Italy is famous for luxury tiles and stone flooring. High quality Marble and Travertine tiles from Italy can be found in abundance. However, there’s also a wide range of ceramic and porcelain tile from Italy. These tiles are always breathtakingly beautiful. Many tiles look similar to their stone counterparts. However, you can also find truly breath-taking tiles with swirls of different colours. Slate ceramic tiles are beautiful as well. They are perfect if you are seeking a more rustic appearance.


Add old world elegance to your home with Spanish tiles. You can choose from different colours and many different intricate designs and patterns. Chocolate brown, sky blue, terracotta, and gold are commonly found colours in these tiles. Many of today’s Spanish tiles are designed to give the look of a few or many smaller tiles in an easier to install larger tile.


Turkey is well known for natural stone tiles. Marble, granite, limestone, travertine, and serpentine stones from Turkey are exceptionally high quality. These stones are manufactured into beautiful luxurious tiles. Turkey is also known for the range of colours and patterns found in its marble.

South America

South American tile is beautiful for backsplashes and accents. They are similar to Spanish tiles with beautiful designs involving flowers, suns, and geometric patterns. South American tiles are very brightly coloured, however, Bright blue, yellow, white, red, and green can all be found in South American tiles.