13 Aug 2013

Tiles 101

Tiles 101

Many of our customers ask us lots of questions about the tiles they want to put in their homes, so we decided to choose a few of the most commonly asked questions and answer them on our blog.

We hope this is helpful for you if you are trying to decide what tiles would be the most appropriate for your specific requirements.


What are the most commonly purchased tiles?

There are two main types: ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles.

What sort of ceramic tiles are available and what are they most commonly used for?

There are glazed conventional tiles, unglazed porcelain and glazed porcelain; all three of them are appropriate for bathroom use and easy to clean.

Is natural stone OK for bathrooms?

Yes, because it creates a timeless elegant bathroom.

What tiles are the best for the bathrooms?

Tiles that are easy to clean, that resist in time, that have no texture and are not slippery.