4 Dec 2014

Tile your kitchen counters, it’s cheaper and more durable

Tile your kitchen counters, it’s cheaper and more durable First and foremost, kitchen counters need to be easy to clean, hard and durable. If they are not all of these things, they won’t work out in the long run. Counters are splashed with water and grease on a daily basis, especially around the sink and the cooking area. Tiles are a wonderful choice when it comes to covering your countertops, because they check all the three necessary requirements, and others too. Tiles can be cheaper than wood or other materials, they come in a great variety of colours, shapes and sizes so you can play with your decor, they are easy to replace if one or more of them chip, they are water resistant. Also, if you’re a passionate DIYer, tiling your kitchen countertop might be an excellent project for you. How can you do it? The cheapest options are ceramic tiles or stone tiles. Stone, for example, is made of the exact same thing that can be found in slabs, but much cheaper. If you go for ceramic tiles, you can choose the same ones for both the backsplash and countertop. Besides the long and boring activity of cleaning the grout joints, there are no other disadvantages that we can think of. If you do, please share them with us in your comments. By the way, to reduce the burden of cleaning the grout, you can consider installing the tiles closer and tighten the space between them. Also, you should know that tile grout should be sealed and properly cured so that it is resistant to bacteria and products designed to kill bacteria. For example, the standard sanded cement grout is necessary to be sealed with an impregnating product. There are also products that are specially designed to fulfill all these conditions. For inspiration, we picked a few images for you. tiled-countertop-001 tiled-countertop2-001 tiled-countertop3-001