16 Feb 2021

The Benefits of High Quality Outdoor Pavement Slabs

The Benefits of High Quality Outdoor Pavement Slabs

At House of Tiles, we have a fantastic array of quality home improvement products for you to use from bathroom suites to wall tiles and right now is a great time to get those long-planned projects started. Now, we often speak about the products that are available for the inside of your home, but have you thought about what they could do for your garden?

In this blog, we take a look at porcelain tiles for the garden a.k.a. paving slabs, which offer much to enhance your outdoor spaces. Let’s now have a look at the many benefits they offer. 

Porcelain Paving Is Super-Durable 

As well as looking amazing, porcelain paving slabs are fantastically durable, just like the porcelain and ceramic tiles you’ll find in your kitchen and bathroom. The Irish weather can be pretty harsh, but these beauties will stand up to everything and more and still come out looking just like new.

n Incredible Range of Designs

Because of technological advantages in porcelain printing, it’s now possible to create the exact look you want for your garden. Whether you’d prefer a wood, cement or stone effect for your paving stones, you get whatever style or finish you like.

Resistant to Sun-Fading

As well as being resistant to the snow and sleet, our porcelain paving is also resistant to the fading effect of the sun’s rays. This means that whatever pattern or effect you choose, your paving will look just as good years after installation as they did the day you got them.

Give Your Garden the Boost It Needs

When you get your garden how you want it, it becomes an extension of your home that you can use for extra space and those never-forgotten Sunday family barbecues. And with the extensive range of paving slabs we have in store, there’s a wealth of design possibility available for your outdoor spaces.

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