23 Apr 2015

Quarry tiles? Yes, we have!

Quarry tiles? Yes, we have! With so many tile options available on the market these days, it’s hard to know their names, let alone their distinguishing features, especially when they don’t differ that much. Today we’ll talk about quarry tiles and if this type of tile is unknown to you, we’ll try to describe its traits so that you can distinguish it from other options you may be exploring. One thing you need to know from the start is that what best recommend and differentiates quarry tiles from other tiles is their durability and natural look. Both of these traits come from their manufacturing process which is rooted in brick fabrication. Among their qualities, we should definitely list their low absorption rate, it’s also important to be aware that the quality of these tiles can vary, it all depends on the quality of the manufacture process. A perfect area place to install quarry ties is in the kitchen. Quarry tiles are resistant to high traffic, they are slip resistant and some of them, the high-quality ones have a die skin surface that makes them resistant to soiling. Quarry tiles are also good for entryways, halls, outdoor areas and bathrooms. Their only disadvantage is that they are limited in colour and sizes, but if this is not an impediment for you, you should go for it. Just look how beautiful they look: quarry-tiles quarry-tiles2 quarry-tiles3