What type of marble can go on the floor?

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 15 June, 2015.

Any room that has a marble floor has an almost instant sense of elegance about it. Maybe even a luxurious one if the decor matches. Being a strong material, you will find it in office buildings, hotels, restaurants, areas with high traffic, but also in private ... READ MORE

Revive your walls with bevelled arabesque tiles

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 21 May, 2015.

No matter how simple your house’s interior design is, you can always give your rooms a small wow factor that will get noticed, without completely overwhelming the whole room. Bevelled arabesque tiles are an alternative to your classic subway tiles and you can ... READ MORE

Wood insertions between tiles

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 04 May, 2015.

A very sophisticated and luxuriously looking floor can be created by combining tiles and wooden planks. The softness of the wood contrasts with the hardness of tiles, but together they can create a really good look, suitable for a kitchen, a hallway, or an office. You ... READ MORE

3 Stains on the natural stone tiles - how to get rid of them

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 29 April, 2015.

Stains are every housewife’s nightmare and not being able to get rid of them is an even bigger and scarier nightmare. In some cases stains on natural stone tiles can ruin them and they may needs to be replaced. But luckily, some of them are removable and so in ... READ MORE

What would you choose: dark or light tile floors?

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 24 April, 2015.

Regardless what you think you would prefer when it comes to choosing a tile floor colour when it comes to actually living with a selected tile colour, remember, what looks good is not always practical, so the first thing you should decide is what matters the most to ... READ MORE

Quarry tiles? Yes, we have!

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 23 April, 2015.

With so many tile options available on the market these days, it’s hard to know their names, let alone their distinguishing features, especially when they don’t differ that much. Today we’ll talk about quarry tiles and if this type of tile is unknown ... READ MORE

Glass tiles backsplashes

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 15 April, 2015.

We’ve mentioned glass tiles a few times on our blog, but never dedicated an entire article to them so here are a few things to say about them to give you an idea of some of their features and  benefits. Glass tiles are suitable both for kitchen and bathroom ... READ MORE

How to change the look of your bath?

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 06 April, 2015.

Whether you are renovating your entire bathroom, or you only want to make some small decor changes, what do you think about tiling your bath. On the outside, of course. It’s cheaper than to replace it and it contributes to a more homogeneous design. Here is what ... READ MORE

Lovely pebble tiles

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 13 March, 2015.

Pebble tiles, just like natural stone tiles, will bring a little bit of nature into your home, should you choose them to decorate your hallway, porch, bathroom or kitchen. If you prefer a little bit of nature, but can’t afford marble or granite, you should know ... READ MORE

How many tiles do you need?

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 06 March, 2015.

To determine how many boxes of tiles you need for your next tile job, read on and we will show you how to work it out. Floor tiles 1. Start with measuring the room in square feet: multiply its length with its width. (l = 9 feet, w = 10 feet - this means your ... READ MORE

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