9 Aug 2016

New Bold Tile Ideas

New Bold Tile Ideas

If you are looking for tiles for a unique look, you’ve come to the right place. Bold and daring tile designs can add character and uniqueness to your home. Show off your bold and creative side with these popular tiles.

Vulcan Negro

Go dark with Vulcan Negro tiles. This is a great option for your bathroom. Add some interesting lighting options to give your bathroom a very unique look. The Vulcan collection is also available in Blanco, Gris, and Camel.


These tiles are a great option for a realistic brick look. These wall tiles look great anywhere you want a warm rustic charm. They are especially suited to kitchens and living rooms with rustic decor.


Life tiles look like wood. They come in three colours including Anthracite, Perla, and Oxid. They have an industrial look. They can be used as wall or floor tiles in any room of your home. They are also good for outdoor patios. They look great with industrial decor, but they will fit in well with any decor.

Ocean Cobalto

Ocean Cobalto tiles look beautiful in the bathroom. They are textured to look like ocean waves. The bright blue colour is bold but beautiful. You can tile the floor with basic cobalto to complete the ocean look.


Our seasons collection comes in several colours including Lavender, Lila, Crema, Moka, Perla, and Merango. You can combine two or more colours for a contrasting look, or go with one solid colour.