15 Jun 2015

What type of marble can go on the floor?

What type of marble can go on the floor?

Any room that has a marble floor has an almost instant sense of elegance about it. Maybe even a luxurious one if the decor matches. Being a strong material, you will find it in office buildings, hotels, restaurants, areas with high traffic, but also in private residencies. Compared to quartz and granite, marble offers a wider range of colours and finishes, as well as a greater durability. It’s suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, halls, living rooms, libraries, even offices. But what kind of marble can go on the floor? We’ll explain in this article.

Tumbled marble

Marble can be tumbled with sand and aggregate and following this process it will have a smooth look, like the ones used to shape ancient statues. Its texture is soft and rounded and it’s resistant to skids. However, this type, even if it can go on the floor, it can’t go on any floor. It’s porous and highly prone to wear and tear, so the bathroom and outside, around the pool for example, are areas where it should not be used.


Polished marble

This is the most popular type of marble that you will find in many homes and buildings. It’s shiny and smooth and offers a mirror effect. The disadvantages are its price and a higher level of maintenance. But its beauty definitely makes it worth it.


Honed marble

This would be the matte marble. It’s very often used in areas with high traffic because it’s more resistant to wear and tear and it’s not slippery at all, like the polished marble is.


House of Tiles showrooms feature all these types of marble so if you’ve made your decision we are happy to help you with even more information, should you stop by.