24 Feb 2015

How to remove tiles faster

How to remove tiles faster Installing tiles is a meticulous process that requires precision, calculation and careful measurements. Removing tiles, on the other hand, only requires the appropriate tools and a little bit of physical strength. Read on to find out some tips on how this process can be done faster than you think. Tiling usually requires hiring a professional, especially when you want a more difficult pattern, removing tiles is a job you can do it yourself. There are many reasons why you would want to remove them (water damage underneath, faulty installation, falling tiles, broken, scratched, chipped tiles etc), but in this article, we’ll assume you are just going through a renovation and want to replace the old ones with some new more beautiful and modern tiles. What tools do you need? - Safety glasses - you are just not allowed to work without them. Little bits of the broken tiles can really hurt your eyes. - Work gloves - for safety and for a better grip of the hammer - Hammer - Chisel - Utility knife removing-tile Steps in tiles removal 1. First, remove the grout. You need to use the utility knife to cut the grout around the tiles you start with. It will be sufficient to cut a perimeter at a time. Tip 1: for a quicker result, hit the tile twice: once perpendicularly, second at an angle, under it. Tip 2: if the grout line is wider, use a tile grinder to remove it faster. 2. Then, break the tile by placing the chisel perpendicularly on it and hitting the chisel base with the hammer. You need to shatter the tile so that it comes off in small pieces. 3. Last, you need to remove the remaining adhesive and you can do that with the utility knife, or with the chisel and hammer if it’s more stubborn. The wall or floor needs to be cleaned of everything that may cause the new layer of tiles to be installed unevenly.