12 Jan 2015

How to remove rust stains from ceramic tiles?

How to remove rust stains from ceramic tiles?

Even if these are rather rare occurrences, rust stains on ceramic tiles are an eyesore and they can’t be removed simply by rubbing it with an abrasive sponge or with a mop. There are products designed for this, but many people complain that by removing rust, the tile floors were stained even more. You might think that scratching them away with the tip of a knife might do the job nicely, but under no circumstance do we recommend this because the risk of damaging the tile surface so high. Rust stains can be removed with products you have available in your own home, and in this article, we’ll give you some tips to get rid of them.


Lemon juice

Squeeze the juice of a lemon and sprinkle it on the stains. Leave it for 10 minutes and then use a toothbrush to remove the stains. Maybe you’ll have to be a little insistent, but the stains will disappear without damaging the tile’s surface and without creating more stains. Tomato and rock salt Slice a tomato in half and rub one of the half on the stain, squeezing a little so that the acid juice stays on the rust. Sprinkle some rock salt on it and rub with a toothbrush in a circular motion. Bleach Bleach is not good only for clothes, but for tiles as well. Spread some on the rust stains and leave it for 15 minutes. Spray some water and brush a little to remove them. Toothpaste Simply smear some paste on the stains, rub with the toothbrush and then rinse with water …. you’ll be surprised to see it works.  Voila, clean floor tiles. Vinegar You’ve probably heard before how efficient vinegar is in many household cleaning chores. It cleans and removes so many stains and it removes rust stains as well. Spray some vinegar on them and rub a little. Then rinse with warm water. These are 5 remedies to remove rust stains from your ceramic tiles. Try one or all of them and enjoy a clean floor.