7 Jul 2015

Feeling eco-friendly? How about some recycled metal tile flooring?

Feeling eco-friendly? How about some recycled metal tile flooring? For people that want to live in an environment as eco-friendly as possible, there are, luckily, a lot of options available to help them achieve this goal. Today, houses can be updated so that they respect all the environment friendly rules from top to bottom.

One of the ways you can update your house to be as green as possible is to cover your floors with recycled metal tiles. We have talked about eco-friendly tiles and metal tiles before, but in this article we’ll focus on the recycled ones, especially recycled aluminium tiles. However, they are not very common in households because of three major reasons: costs, accessibility and awareness.

You can find aluminium sources such as: cans, automotive parts, appliances, windows, doors and many other objects. After it’s melted, it can be shaped into whatever you wish. In this case - aluminium tiles. As you may be well aware, aluminium is one of the most environment friendly metals because it can be recycled more than once. This is why it is actually cheaper to recycle it than to extract it.

Regarding the qualities of these recycled tiles, we would suggest they are good option because of their durability, easiness to clean and the ability to be shaped in any size and form. Their beauty is a bonus.