11 Oct 2013

Exterior tiling - How to avoid the common pitfalls of installing

Exterior tiling - How to avoid the common pitfalls of installing We have spent a lot of time to date discussing interior design and tiling various indoor spaces on our blog, so today we will look at what is important when you are planning on tiling an exterior space. A tiled floor outdoors to create a outdoor space can look amazing and, if your tiles are installed properly, they will not be just create nice aesthetic feel in the garden, but can also prove to be very practical. What you do need to know is that exterior tiling needs a bit more attention than regular interior tiling. Let’s see what the common pitfalls are and how you can avoid them. 1. Waterproofing. Proper waterproofing should be one of your main concerns when tiling an exterior. Especially in Ireland where it rains so much. tiles-water The secret is to ensure the tiles are waterproof is making sure you use ad install the proper underlayment. 2. Adequate tiles. As a tile supplier, it is our job to try and provide suitable solutions for everyone. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, so we stock a wide range of products so everyone can find something to suit their taste.  We are well aware that choosing the right tiles is not an easy task. There are so many possibilities and sometimes it seems almost impossible to choose. However, you should never choose based only on appearance. Our staff is always eager to give you a piece of advice on how to choose according to practical use. The tiles you are choosing must be rated by the manufacturer for exterior use. Whilst any exterior tiles may be used indoor, it’s not correct to state this vice versa. 3. Drainage. Waterproofing doesn’t allow water to infiltrate, but, of course, it still needs to be dealt with. Puddles may be fun for children, but you sure wouldn’t want them on your outdoor space.