3 Mar 2016

Colour and Texture of Tiles

Colour and Texture of Tiles Is it time to make updates to a room in your home? Did you know that tiles are some of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly materials to use in your home? They’re commonly made from natural clay and other recycled materials, and are versatile enough to be utilised in practically any room.

From a bold backsplash in your kitchen to a crisp and classic neutral wall in your bathroom, the popularity of tiles continues to grow. They can transform an entire room when used in updated designs. No matter what your taste, tiles are a chic and design friendly choice, as they can come in practically any colour or design you choose.

They can be arranged in patterns to make a floor and wall the focal point of any room. They’re sleek and easy to keep clean, so you’ll have a streamlined appearance with simple upkeep. An added benefit to using tiles is the availability of the samples that can be viewed in local tile shops and in their showrooms. And a visit to the tile shop will help you understand the process and how to start.

You’ll want to determine what kind of tile will best suit the room and any functional purposes you may need from it. Ceramic tiles are some of the most commonly used tiles in Ireland, can come glazed or unglazed. If you’d like an unlimited colour section, glazed tiles are what you will want to consider. While porcelain tiles, another type of ceramic, are more durable and stain resistant, so you’ll need to determine the elements which the tile will be exposed to. Marble, slate, and granite are also available options, and are a popular choice for those looking for a unique design.

Whatever your design needs, using tiles is an option that is definitely worth exploring.