27 Oct 2015

Ceramic Tiles Usage

Ceramic Tiles Usage Ceramic tiles are extremely versatile and they are incredibly popular with many homeowners, commonly used in both bathrooms and kitchens. Ceramic tiles come in a wide variety of colours and designs, with a style to fit any kind of decor.
They are also incredibly durable and strong, and they are especially good floor tiles for high traffic areas like the kitchen or entrances. Check out a local showroom in Ireland to see some examples of the best ceramic tiles usage.

The main options include glazed, with an extra coating and several firings, more than the other option of unglazed, which usually only has one firing. Ceramic tiles usage depends on the situation and the environment they will be in. They come in a wide variety of different sizes and shapes, so it really depends on your personal liking and the kind of room you are tiling to determine the right kind to choose. Large tiles work great as flooring and smaller tiles make beautiful mosaic designs. Using small tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, though, requires more grout and that could lead to a lot more cleaning. Choose wisely!

The style and design you choose will also depend on your own personal preferences and the style of decor to best compliment your home. Ceramic tiles come in many different designs that can create the look of granite, marble, or other natural stones.

With so many advantages, being incredibly durable and strong, moisture resistant and being great at withstanding hot and cold temperatures, they are great for places like kitchen floors, back splash areas, and on worktops. They are also great for the bathroom and around the bath area, or wherever water or moisture is an issue. Try using a combination of colours and patterns to create an interesting and unique design on your kitchen back splash or shower walls. With our huge inventory of different designs and styles of tiles to give you inspiration, House of Tiles, showrooms can help you find the perfect ceramic tiles.