4 Jul 2017

Best Wall Tiles for Your New Bathroom

Best Wall Tiles for Your New Bathroom

If you’re currently renovating your bathroom, you have probably been visiting all sorts of tile shops where you’ve found bathroom tiles, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, kitchen tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, and a whole host of other tiles (‘tile shop’ seems like an appropriate name now!). After such a visit, it probably left you confused as to what you should have in your precious new bathroom so we have some advice for you today.


First and foremost, we should point out the difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles since this is likely to be one of the biggest decisions you face. If you thought they were both the same, you would be right to an extent but they have a few key differences. For example, porcelain now has to be certified as ‘porcelain’, so you can be sure of what you are buying, porcelain has the lower water absorption rate which is handy for a bathroom. Finally, porcelain is more dense and less porous.


At first, this seems as though porcelain is the clear winner but ceramic has its benefits too including the fact it’s so easy to clean, resists stains, offers more fire protection, takes longer to fade, prevents odours, and generally has a longer life than porcelain. Therefore, deciding between the two is a very unique decision and it will come down to your needs.


After choosing a material, you then have smaller decisions like sizing and design. With the former, you might want to request samples of different sizes to see which makes the bathroom look the biggest. Typically, large tiles in a small bathroom will make the room look even smaller but play around and see what you like. Then, you can choose a design that matches your bathroom cabinets and other decorations and you should be good to enjoy your new bathroom for years to come!


At House of Tiles we have a fabulous range of both ceramic porcelain tiles,  so if  you would like to speak with a qualified person to whom you can explain your particular requirements please call us (01) 4264881