12 Aug 2014

Beauty is in the details: hexagonal tiles

Beauty is in the details: hexagonal tiles Ever since the 19th century, hexagonal tiles have always been in fashion, and it seems that they will stick around for many more centuries to come. This classic design is based on white hexagonal tiles, sometimes with black insertions, and later designs featured the floor enhanced with a black border. hex-tiles-classic-design-001 Today, hexagonal tiles come in a variety of colours and sizes, but simple white tiles or black and white patterns are still the preferred approach and are still used in many bathrooms. This type of tiles is almost exclusively used on bathroom floors, but it also looks nice when used in other rooms of the house or even public buildings. They look perfect in kitchens, as backsplashes, or even look good on some living room walls if they’re oversized. hex-tiles-backsplash-001 hex-tiles-wall-001 hex-tiles-living-room-001 For a more original look you can opt to combine it with regular tiles, or you can combine shades of the same colour for a more intense effect. hex-tiles-colored-001 Subway tiles work well with hexagonal tiles, but this is already a classic combination. Try combining them with oversized regular tiles or with mosaic tiles. Regardless, if your bathroom design is a classic, a traditional or a modern one, hexagonal tiles will complement any of them. However, installing hexagonal tiles is not as easy as it might seem initially. Given the fact that these tiles are very small, special attention and craftsmanship are required. Of course they come glued to a mesh sheet, just like mosaic tiles, but nonetheless, the job is meticulous. You may want to consider hiring a professional before trying to do it yourself as the task may become really time consuming and painstaking. Hexagonal tiles can look contemporary and traditional at the same time and another ‘good to know’ benefit is that being so small they are less prone to crack. You can create really unique bathroom floor designs with hexagonal tiles, all you need is a little creativity. photo via