24 May 2016

The Simplest Bathrooms in Dublin

The Simplest Bathrooms in Dublin

If you would like to take a simple approach to your bathroom design, we have some tips and suggestions to help you go for a minimalist looking bathroom in Dublin.

Consider a Bathroom Suite

Bathroom suites consist of a toilet and a basin that are designed to go together. This can help add simplicity to your bathroom because the toilet and basin are already designed to match. You can choose a suite and carry the theme into the other aspects of your bathroom for simplicity and continuity.

Soft Colours

When you are going for simplicity, you don’t want bright colours. White, neutrals, and pastels all work well to give your bathroom a simple look.


Another nice option for this look is to have a monochromatic colour palette. Choose all white furnishings and walls for your bathroom with a black tile floor. The contrast will make your bathroom simple and stylish. If you have a beth you may want to carry the tile up the side of the bath. If you have a shower, think about white with clear or frosted doors.

Storage and Privacy

If you have the room in your bathroom, consider adding a privacy wall to conceal your toilet. This gives you an added level of privacy when you are using the facilities, and it also makes your bathroom look nicer. When someone walks by your bathroom, they will see your beautiful sink, vanity, tub or shower, not your toilet. You can also use the wall to add storage with shelves or cabinets.