19 Feb 2016

The Best Wood Floor for You

The Best Wood Floor for You Your kitchen is an important room in your home. It is the place where you cook meals for your family and gather with friends to share conversation and good company. For this reason, having a floor that makes the right statement is essential. Consider the functionality of the flooring as well. With the moisture there, and the incidents of dropped food and drinks as a common occurrence in the kitchen area, having a floor that stands up to the traffic and spills is important. For the kitchen, the best wood floor for you is one made of laminate.

Laminate flooring offers a durable and stain resistant option for the kitchen area. It can be made up of many different colours and patterns. When you are deciding on the colour of the floor, you should always have in mind the desired end result. Think of the influence from existing or planned colour elements in your kitchen. Light colours can help to enlarge the room while darker colours can make a room look smaller. Pale floors reflect light and it can help a kitchen dressed with dark wood cabinets and black furniture look much lighter and brighter.

Dark laminate floors are the perfect way to create some contrast in the room. They can be joined with dividers in lighter colours for highlights or with other dark colours for embellishments. Choosing white or grey can be a great choice for modern and minimalist styles, but keep in mind that too much white can make the room too ordinary. Similarly, having too many dark colours in the kitchen can result in a gloomy effect with less light and contrast. To find the best wood floor for you, contact the flooring experts in Ireland.