22 Feb 2016

The Best Way to Clean the Glass on Your Shower

The Best Way to Clean the Glass on Your Shower Cleaning the glass in your bathroom, whether on a glass door or a mirror, is all about using the right method. With the most effective cleaning solution in your bucket, and the proper technique in hand, you can make all of your glass completely streak-free. With a few things in mind, you can find best way to clean the glass on your shower door. Here are some tips to help you achieve the best streak-free shine!

If you're diluting your cleaner, dilute it with clean water. When it comes to glass, everything shows. This includes the deposits left behind by hard water. Avoid using water that is not filtered or distilled to prevent any streaks.

It’s important to use the right kind of cleaner for the job. Vinegar is one of those all-purpose ingredients that can do more than flavor your food. Distilled vinegar and clean water is an easy, go-to cleaning solution for glass. Just add a mixture of half and half of each to an empty spray bottle, spray it on your glass surfaces, and wipe it clean!

When it comes to the material you use to wipe the glass, make sure to avoid paper towels. As tempting as it might be, it can leave unattractive streaks and small fibres behind. The best option would be to use a microfiber cloth, a squeegee, or even a piece of newspaper. These materials will help create a smooth finish so your glass really sparkles.

As always, regularly cleaning the glass makes the job a whole lot easier. The less dirt and grime that accumulates on your windows, the less time you'll have to spend cleaning them. When the glass surfaces in your bathroom are beyond the help of a good cleaning, get in touch with the experts in Ireland for help replacing them.