14 Apr 2016

The Best Wall Tile Trends of 2016

The Best Wall Tile Trends of 2016

Wall tiles are in vogue and there are some new trends and styles that you may be interested in implementing in your bathroom. Here are the most popular wall tile trends of 2016.


A new take on an old idea, kaleidoscope tiles are the modern version of mosaic tiles. They are large tiles with geometric patterns. When you put the tiles together on a wall, it creates a kaleidoscope effect. This is great for smaller bathrooms, because it makes them look larger.

Brick It

Brick styles are popular in all shapes, sizes, and colours. From traditional red brick styles to painted and polished styles, brick is in for 2016.


This creates a beautiful pattern that is easy to install. This simple geometric shape is great for those who want to make a statement without going overboard. They can also help small spaces look larger.

Line It Up

Lines are very popular as well. From simple lines to complex designs, lines are in. They are another great way to add depth and interest to a room.

Soften It Up

You will see some softer looking tiles in 2016. Distressed tiles, fabric, and softer colours are all in this year. This trend offers warmth to tiles that can seem cold. Watercolours and velvety textures are also popular choices. What better way to add warmth and class to your home at the same time?

Greyed Out

Grey is also in this year, but these tiles are anything but dull. They have textures and patterns that make them interesting, without overwhelming your existing decor.

These are some of the best wall tiles for 2016. Choose the right style for your home and enjoy.