6 Aug 2013

The best three colours for a small bathroom

If you have a small bathroom with little light, one of the things you could do to give the impression that it is larger and much more spacious is renovate it and use the right colours. Usually, cold colours are recommended for small spaces, but if your bathroom does not get much natural light, turn to warm colours – just not very bold, to avoid making the room feel even smaller, but warm enough to attract sunlight. We have prepared for you top tips on the three best colours to use; now, it’s up to you to decide if you like them and then match them up with your tiles,  sanitary ware and other accessories.

  1. White – white is a classic choice. Common for small bathrooms, it will offer the impression that the space is larger. It’s subtle and also easy to combine with splashes of colours. So, in case you decide to opt for simple white floor and wall tiles, choose coloured accessories to make it look nicer and comfier.

  2. Cream – a simple shade of cream, actually. For a room that doesn’t benefit from enough natural light, this is a smart choice, as long as it is not too bright. Also, it’s very easy to combine it with green, white or orange accessories to give you the feeling that you are under some warm rays of sunny sunshine.

  3. Aqua – although this is a cool colour, it is relaxing and inspires calm. It’s perfect for any sort of ceramic tiles and goes wonderful with white bathroom suites. Another colour that mixes well with aqua is gold, so if you want an elegant and sophisticated space, choose a fancy chandelier and create a real fancy space for yourself.

And always remember, the size of the bathroom should not be a problem as long as you design yours to suit your taste. For more help and advice, you can always call us; we are here to help you.