20 Jul 2017

Tavistock Designer Bathroom Furniture

Tavistock Designer Bathroom Furniture

UK’s Tavistock, operating out of the Spa city of Bath, are one of the top manufacturers of designer bathroom furniture and utilities. In 2017, Tavistock presented the market with a wonderful line of bathroom products aimed at discerning customers on the lookout for high effectiveness contemporary solutions.

The 2017 Tavistock catalogue includes a diverse collection of products, including bathroom furniture, toilets and basins, taps, showers, cabinets and vanities, seats and panelling. As a testament of the manufacturer’s forward-thinking design and emphasis on delivering quality products, all Tavistock bathroom products come with an extended guarantee.

Although Tavistock items can easily be custom fitted to any bathroom style and concept, from the conservative to the most modern, they are universally guaranteed to meet contemporary expectations of functionality and quality. Furthermore, the modern features included with most of the products are sure to become a highlight for some customer – these range from Bluetooth functionality and LED lightining in bathroom mirrors, to the Anodised Aluminium used in furniture.

New in 2017

This year, Tavistock introduces a number of brand new product ranges to its catalogue. For the furniture range, there is  the brand new Vitoria collection, as well as several additions and new finishes added to some older ranges. Another fresh addition is the Orbit range of bathroom items and utilities.

Buying Tavistock

Tavistock products are available for purchase in Ireland through House of tiles. For more details, please consult our website or visit our showrooms.

At House of Tiles we are Ireland’s leading retailers of Tavistock, Home of Ultra, Hudson Reed, RT Large, Twyford, RAK & Sonas Bathrooms