28 Jun 2016

Summer Tile Trends

Summer Tile Trends We’re bringing you the hottest tile trends of the summer. Stay cool and trendy with these awesome tiles that will rejuvenate your home.

Wood Look Tiles

Wood look tiles can add warmth and interest to your home. They are much more water resistant than real wood, so they are a great choice for an area like a kitchen or bathroom. You can find wood look tile in nearly any design that you can find real wood floors in, including rustic barnwood and luxurious herringbone patterns.

Antique Carpet Look

Antique carpet requires lots of upkeep, but you can purchase tile designed to look like worn antique carpet. This is a great option if you have a period style home.

3 Dimensional Tiles

These tiles are designed with unique 3 dimensional surfaces. You can change the look and texture depending on how you place them. They are great for a small bathroom, a kitchen backsplash, or even an accent wall.

Large Tile Panels

Tile panels are starting to come in different shapes and sizes. You can purchase wood look tile the size of a very large plank, or marble look pieces that can take up a small wall with one tile. These tiles can also be used for things like countertops and backsplashes, or for your floors.

Hexagon Shaped Tiles

Hexagon tiles are making a comeback. However, these aren’t the black and white hexagonal patterns you may have seen in the past. Today’s looks are in many different colors, sometimes using two or three colors to create a three dimensional effect. Designers are also changing up the shape of the hexagon in new and interesting ways.