6 Oct 2015

Luxury Fitted Bathroom Suites

Luxury Fitted Bathroom Suites Imagine soaking in your tub and letting go of all the stress from your day at the office or after a long travel while relaxing in a luxury bathroom suite. Make your new bathroom a luxurious and extravagant experience.

You can create a fabulous spa-like retreat with elegant and unique touches that make it distinctive and all your own. Even if you think you may not have enough room for the lavish design you really desire, there are many ways to achieve this kind of look and feel for the space you have. With the innovative and creative design of luxury fitted bathroom suites, your dream bathroom can become easily achievable.

Your bathroom suite is a very personal place, and there are many different designs and styles to compliment your tastes, from sleek contemporary to classic and simple. If your room is small, but you still wish for a tub, there are several smaller designs that can fit well in your space.

A curved glass shower panel is a smart way to maximise space while allowing the room to feel open. Using all-white fittings and walls can help the room feel larger, as well as creating a light and airy atmosphere.

You can also embellish the room with a marble floor or a mosaic tile design with a pop of colour, and use high-end touches with luxury fixtures and glossy finishes. If you envision a new lavish look for your bathroom, at House of Tiles, we can help. We have a large range of designs to create the luxury bathroom suite you deserve.