9 Dec 2016

Is a Wetroom Right For You?

Is a Wetroom Right For You?

Wetrooms are bathrooms that don’t have the shower enclosed. Essentially, the whole bathroom is designed to get wet. The floors and walls are usually tiled, and there is a drain in the middle of the floor. There are several advantages to a wet room for bathrooms both large and small.

One advantage of a wetroom is that it saves space. Not having a closed off shower area gives the room a much more open and spacious look. If you have a smaller bathroom, you can still add a shower curtain, partial wall, or door. This will allow you to have your sanitary ware without worrying about sitting on a wet seat.

One other advantage of wet rooms is their accessibility. This is particularly important if someone in your home is disabled or elderly. Wetrooms allow wheelchair access, because they don’t require a shower tray. This also makes them safer for elderly individuals, because they don’t require stepping into.

Wet rooms also give you more options than you would have in a regular bathroom. You can install larger or multiple shower heads and beautiful lighting. If you have a large bathroom, you can install a beautiful tub as well. The openness of a wetroom also gives you more possibilities when it comes to decorating. It’s like an open canvas, waiting for your colour and creativity. They are also easier to clean, because they don’t have as many nooks and crannies as traditional bathrooms.

Wetrooms give you the opportunity to create the bathroom of your dreams without being limited by the constraints of a traditional bathroom.