14 Dec 2015

Holiday Bathroom Renovations for a Unique Design

Holiday Bathroom Renovations for a Unique Design When the streets are dressed in lights in Dublin, the air is filled with the smells from restaurants, and windows all around are dressed in red, white, silver and gold, it means Christmas is upon us. During this magical time, full of coloured decorative details, these are the many festive trends of the holiday.

Everything during the Christmas season is more elegant and refined, and every element of the house is put on display with the colours of the tradition. We relish in the comforts the holiday can bring to many spaces in our home but there is once place that is usually forgotten: your bathroom!

When you think of decorating your home with the sparkle of the season, add some festive touches to your bathroom, a quick bathroom renovations for the season that’s in it can be really lovely. Add some red and white candles around your bath, scented with the season, and bring in a few touches of holiday themed decor. Use strings of coloured lights on shelves and around the vanity mirror for a subtle lighting effect. The soft glow of fairy lights and candles allows for total relaxation, and bathroom furniture decorated with the glittering tones of gold, silver, and white can help dress the space, adding to the luxury of the room with the merriment of the holidays. You can use holiday scented soaps in snowflake shapes and add a glass bowl full of ornaments on the vanity.

There are many ways to bring the Christmas feel into your bathroom, and add some unique hints of luxury and ornamentation to the room. Check out local showrooms to find some ideas for unique bathroom renovations.