7 Apr 2016

Bathroom Suites – The basic decisions

Bathroom Suites – The basic decisions

Whether building a small en-suite or a renovating a larger space, a new bathroom suite is a fantastic way to give your home more functional space. And deciding on the best bathroom suite for your home is often not the easiest job as there are so many options available. The suite you choose should not only provide space for storage, but should give you a sense of your personal style. This can be achieved through things like fixtures and furniture, as well as colour scheme.

Obviously, the size of the room will determine what options are available to you and you will need to determine what will fit best in terms of the toilet, bath, and/or shower, as well as your best options when it comes to selecting cabinetry and accessories like basins and vanities. For example, most en-suite bathrooms are on the small side, as they are a part of a bedroom, so making use of every inch of space with clever storage is always a good idea. If you’re struggling with space, you might think about substituting the bath with a smaller shower enclosure, or having a single sink instead of a double, or adding shelving to the walls. There are is also furniture that combines a basin vanity unit with a matching housing for the toilet. And when it comes to accessories, installing mirrors can give the illusion of more space. 

If you are lucky enough to have a larger space, you can create a luxurious bathroom with anything you want! There are freestanding baths, walk-in showers, double basins and vanity units, and you can even bring in some chairs or benches.