21 May 2015

Revive your walls with bevelled arabesque tiles

Revive your walls with bevelled arabesque tiles

No matter how simple your house’s interior design is, you can always give your rooms a small wow factor that will get noticed, without completely overwhelming the whole room.

Bevelled arabesque tiles are an alternative to your classic subway tiles and you can pretty much use them on any wall. The places we like would include; in your kitchen as backsplash or on an entire wall, in your bathroom, above the basin or in the shower, in a hallway or as a statement piece on a wall. Or even on the floor.

Just like any other tiles, bevelled arabesque tiles come in many sizes and colours so that you can decorate as you like. Walls or floors.

Here are a few examples:






As you can see in these images, there is no particular style approach you need to stick with, even if the bevelled arabesque tiles immediately make you think Moroccan. Nothing in these rooms even closely resemble a Moroccan style and this is the real beauty of the versatile tiles. It does not matter if your decor is modern or traditional, these tiles won’t look out of place. So do consider them and feel free to visit our showrooms and talk to us about some design ideas.