8 Nov 2015

Renovating Small Bathroom Suites

Renovating Small Bathroom Suites
With the limitations that size may bring to many design tables in Ireland, creating a fashionable and comfortable bathroom suite is often seen as a difficult task. There are a few things to keep in mind when you are renovating a small space. First, think of its use in your home.

Is this a guest bathroom, or a master bathroom suite? You can think of more creative aesthetics for guest suites, but your master requires you to be more conscious of functionality in the space. For example, even though you may love the simple look of pedestal sinks, and the visual space they provide, they also do not offer any kind of storage solution for the room.

Wall-mounted vanities may also seem like space savers, but they also create more dead space. When you are dealing with a small room, you must think of furniture that fills the space smartly. A vanity with cabinet storage is a smarter choice for storage solutions. Try using single handle fixtures to create a more open look, and stick to light and bright colours for paint and tiles. Windows can add great natural light and open the space, but be wary of condensation and proper ventilation.

Sometimes, you might want to think outside the box, and you could even consider a vanity outside of the bathroom, if you really needed to save on space. There are many ways to make the room work for your needs. For expert help in designing the best bathroom suites, contact us at House of Tiles. If you need inspiration, we have it! With our large inventory and numerous design options, we can create the perfect bathroom suites.