12 Jun 2017

Quality Laminate Flooring From House of Tiles

Quality Laminate Flooring From House of Tiles

If you are looking for quality flooring that has the beauty of real wood and the durability of ceramic tiles, then we have just the thing for you at House of Tiles, Ireland.




We stock a wide range of watertight, laminate flooring crafted from high density fibre board and available in a selection of colours. One of the most popular with our customers, is the Robusto Harbour Oak line from Kronotex, the German giant of the flooring manufacturing industry.


Available right now for just €17.82 per sq.Metre, they feature a durable outer layer, which is resistant to stains, ‘wear and tear’, burns, scratches, scuffs and household chemicals. As this is forms the outer layer that you walk on and see every day, it defines the look of your flooring and that look with stay great for years to come.


The Natural Wood Look


Despite being completely man-made, they have the appearance of natural wood and are available in a wide selection of finishes, colours and thicknesses. The reason they are amongst the most sought after floor coverings on the market, is their combined style, looks and durability. They are a real triple threat!


Come and See for Yourself


For the full experience and to get a close-up view of just how amazing Kronotex laminate flooring looks, you should pop into one of our showrooms dotted around Dublin and speak to our friendly and knowledge team. They really know their stuff and will be delighted to help you find the perfect match for your needs.


Why Choose House of Tiles?


We could tell you about our 30 years of experience in the business or our huge range of products and services, but the reason to come to us is our dedication to leave our customers delighted with the entire experience.


If you’re still unsure, why not give us a call on 01 426 4881 or visit our website for more information and a full online catalogue for you to browse at your leisure.