1 Sep 2017

Porcelain Tiles in Dublin Ireland

Porcelain Tiles in Dublin Ireland

If you’re looking for porcelain tiles this year, you need a trustworthy and reliable tile shop so look no further than House of Tiles. We offer tiles for every situation, for your renovation this year or perhaps even a new-build. Of course, porcelain is one of the most popular options in Ireland alongside ceramic tiles and we have really beautiful options in both materials.

When it comes to porcelain, there are numerous benefits you can enjoy but the main one is the resilient and durable material. Nowadays, porcelain is used near-enough everywhere because it looks good and it takes a significant amount to crack or break the material. After this, it doesn’t require too much maintenance and will be happy enough with a good clean every so often. With some other materials, they’re much more demanding and it won’t be long before you’re cursing your decision.

Porcelain really shines (excuse the pun!) when it comes to design, colour, and fitting into the décor of your home. At House of Tiles, our Klein Gris & Marengo range offers three stunning colours: Gris, Marengo, and Ambar. After this, the Nature Beige porcelain tiles focus on beige and lighter colours. Whether you need a light or dark shade, we have it all and we are always available to provide advice whenever you need it.

Feel free to visit one of our showrooms this week to learn more about the porcelain tiles on offer and whether they meet your needs. If so, our experts can help you order the right amount and have them installed in no time!