14 Jun 2017

Porcelain tiles for new homes

Porcelain tiles for new homes

If you are interested in getting a clean and unique look for your home consider the use of porcelain tiles for your kitchen or bathroom and more! Porcelain tiles are becoming an extremely popular in many new homes for not just kitchens and bathrooms but hallways and livingrooms too.


Top quality porcelain tiles that come from reputable suppliers can work as floor tiles, kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles and more. Porcelain tiles are an excellent way to decorate a brand-new home,  fitting well with almost any decor and even be turned into beautiful mosaics for intricate home design pieces. Whether you want a simple/industrial look or a vibrant colour scheme, these tiles can be customised to the needs of any new homeowner.


Porcelain tiles are some of the easiest tiles to clean. They are heavily resistant to water absorption, staining, scratching, impact, chemicals and more. With the right coating and glazing, porcelain tiles can be a very hygienic choice for the kitchen or the bathroom. This easy cleaning can really create a convenient option that looks great and cleans with minimal scrubbing.


High-quality and well-crafted tiles used throughout your home can make the décor modern and beautiful. Putting it in the bathroom, entryways and kitchen can produce a beautiful clean and modern look for your new home.


If you are interested in getting a fresh modern look for your home and improving the look of high-traffic areas, porcelain tiles from the House of Tiles is a wonderful choice.


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